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December 26, 2013

We have been at the beach at Lincoln City, OR since December 21, 2013. It rained and was overcast the first two days, but has been sunny since. Beautiful here. We are spending the holidays with Sally’s family, Ray, Keeta, Jeff, and Shelby. It is going to be hard to leave them. We leave tomorrow. We are heading to Sunset Bay for one night to see the lights at Shore Acres State Park. Then we are off to California for warm weather near San Francisco.

All is going well. Everyone is feeling great. Both dogs, Lady and Jessica, are fine. The trip is off to a good start. I miss everyone in Bend. In some regards, it has been a hard transition. But, in the long run it will be well worth it. As long as I have have Sally, Eliza, and Nate, all is well.

Day 9

Would you like to hear the nitty gritty of this adventure ?  If  not , skip this !

We camped at Harris Beach State Park last night and must have caught a bush as we were backing in , because we found a nice new scratch this morning .  Dan is an amazing driver though , so we wouldn’t have fit in anywhere without him .  Never happened to us anywhere else , ever , so nice to get it over early on .  We’ve already gone 700 miles ; it needed a scratch !

We let the kids sleep in , so hit the road late at 930.  Normally we will be up and flying down the road by 830 at the latest .  It helps that we are both morning people .  We’ll work on the teenagers . They can stay sleeping in their bunks as we drive , but we don’t want them to miss seeing good stuff out the windows .  Look at that Redwood tree , huge !  There’s Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe !  We’ve been there before , remember?  Ooh , the visitor center , we have to stop and learn about the trees .  (One teenager said later ,”yes, I learned not to walk in the forest during a wind storm because that’s when the old trees come down .”  )Priceless !

We stopped in Eureka and did a Griswold style shot in front of the Carter mansion for Dave and Joey .  We had been there with them 20  years ago on an epic vacation that has gone down in history for the pictures I took of the guys .  Still makes us laugh to tell about it !  I hope we have as many good laughs this time.

When we got back to the rig , Dan got out the toolbox because a huge screw on the door was loose .  Don’t get me started on listing everything we’ve had to fix since we bought it new in July .  The screw was easy !

So today was a road day .  Trying to get to Ukiah , still on the road now at 5:49.  Tired .  Happy to be closer to the City .  Getting into the rhythm of the road .

Will try to post pictures tomorrow , has been hard to get them on here .  Check FB , too , that’s working better .

Thanks for the encouraging comments !  Right before we left Bend , I kept thinking , “this is crazy , normal people don’t do this , this is crazy , argh , WE are crazy !”  I still think we are crazy , but I am so grateful to be living our dream.  Hugs !

Day 7

Had to say goodbye to my family a little while ago – ouch .  Knew it was going to be tough , and it was .  We had a  wonderful week with them at the beach – eating , laughing , playing Family and riggames  , swimming and   long walks – all perfect .  Glad we thought of it Mom !

That’s the hardest part  of the trip – saying goodbye to those we love .

On a positive note , here we go …!  We are on the road for good and it’s a beautiful  day !

Day One

dsc_0079.jpgI want to remember this day forever .  When everything seems possible and all the hard work and sacrifice pay off in time as a family , and NO set schedule .  Time to dream .  Time to read .  Time to learn something new every day because we want to.

We are so blessed to be on this adventure , and we don’t take that for granted .  We know this is a tough time of year for many families and that others would love to have this opportunity .  We have given up so much for this dream – our good friends , our good school , and even our home .  But it is already worth it!

I want to remember this day forever .  When exhaustion and excitement meet to form an adventure that we’ve been dreaming about for years .  On the road again, thanks Willie , we go down the highway .