Day 13 – A Perfect Day!

Wohoo, what a perfect day!  I’ve been smiling since 7.

We got up late – both dogs slept in so we did, too.  Heaven, unusual and wonderful.  A little warmer than home to walk them but Dan and I were still  bundled up in our heavy gear.  38 degrees is not enough! Fun to walk together.  Dan’s been joining me since he stopped working at the rock pile and it’s a nice time of day to connect – no kids, no distractions, and we both love being outside whatever the weather.

We walked into the little town of Olema and grabbed the  local rag called Positive News.  Their tagline reads “Why Positive News?  to Nurture Hope.  to Exemplify Solutions. to Inspire Action.  We envision a world in which people treat each other with respect and kindness, where we consider the Earth to be our home to care for and to enjoy. And we see that this world is in the process of emerging!”  I knew it was going to be a good read.

After a great breakfast and an inspiring devotional, I settled in to read and here’s what I found:

Great articles about the bike superhighways in Denmark, (yeah), the sculpture in San Rafael that accepts cigarette butts and in turn donates money to St. Vincent de Paul, (I forgot that people still smoked; great sculpture, creative idea), Chloe’s birthday bash in Berkeley where she gave away chocolate chip cookies to people (ooh, remember that for next year), the New Era Colorado group in Boulder, CO which is attempting to create a clean, publicly owned power company (it’s Boulder, they’ll succeed), and my favorite, an article about “the dangerous things you should let your kid do” so they’ll grow up taking risks (we do all of them already!).  It was 20 pages of ideas and advertisements for things I’ve never heard of, ideas I wouldn’t be able to read anywhere else.  Loved it.

It even had a half page by Robert Fulghum.  Remember him?  All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten:  Share everything.  Live a balanced life – learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.  Play fair.  Put things back where you found them. Don’t hit people. Don’t take things that aren’t yours.  Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody.  Take a nap every afternoon.  Warm cookies and milk are good for you.  When you go out in the world, watch out for traffic, hold hands and stick together.  Wash your hands before you eat.  Be aware of wonder.

That says it all!

Got the kids up, had a healthy breakfast, and jumped on our bikes to ride to the visitor center in Point Reyes National Seashore. We are camped nearby, so it wasn’t a long ride.  You would have thought Nate had to ride a marathon though, for all the grousing he did before we left.  Then he gets on his bike and takes off!  He was off road, he was on the road, he was standing, he was sitting – he was having a ball.  So great to see.  Eliza rode ahead of me and did it with her usual grace while attempting to ignore her crazy brother.  I brought up the caboose and laughed the whole time watching them.  Dan stuck his arm out to turn left and Nate mimicked him in a little-girly wave and I thought I was going to fall off my bike it was so funny.

The Bear Valley visitor center is in an old barn and when we stopped by briefly yesterday, Dan said, “I think we’ve been here, I know we have, back in 1993 when we lived in Sacramento.”  Now, I’ve been jonesing to see this park, have 5 articles cut out about it that I’ve hauled around for years, and have just been so excited to experience it.  What?  We’ve already been here?!  How could I forget?  I’m already at the age where I’ve forgotten big stuff?!  Oh well, if everything is new again, it’ll be even more fun!

The center was small, a little lame in terms of interactive learning, but it is well done. They don’t charge an entrance fee for this national park, so we’re not sure what keeps it afloat if CA has it’s own financial problems.  We read the info boards, watched the video and headed outside.

We had seen the sign for a  .6 mile loop that takes you over the San Andreas fault and details the 1906 earthquake and the devastation to San Francisco.  It was a great stroll!  Informational boards every few feet, gorgeous trees, and 67 degrees and sunny.  When we got to the spot where the fence jumped 16 feet, we couldn’t believe it.  The earth moved 16 feet!  Scientists are still studying the plates and faults here and expect another big earthquake “in the next 100 years or so.”  Not planning to be here.

Rode our bikes back to the rig and had one of my favorite lunches – everyone makes their own burritos and then we all cleaned up – perfect!

Too nice of a day to be inside, so Dan and I headed out on our bikes again.  The kids are old enough to stay on their own and that in itself is a gift.  If they don’t want to ride, they don’t have to every time.  Well, almost, but not today!  They were exercising, happy and not killing each other, so we left.

We did a 10 mile ride to the little town of Inverness, along Tomales Bay.  It was beautiful and the cool breeze off the bay made the ride even easier.  No bikes lanes, but there were many signs that said “share the road”, and we didn’t get run off the side, so that was nice.  Dan did a detour up a 20% grade, while I waited at the bottom and read about the $2.55 million dollar home for sale.  (Do I want to live here?!  No, too many places to see yet!)

Back to the rig, the happy kids, the sweet dogs and now my husband is making dinner = perfect!






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