Day 37

I could just scream I am so happy!!!  It’s warm here and it’s January!  Still an out of body experience to be so warm at this time of year.  I’m in heaven.  I can see why people snowbird here.

We’re at the Southeast Regional Library in Gilbert, AZ.  Kids are both “doing school” as we call it.  Nate only has 7 more lessons of math and he’s done for the year.  The curriculum is very well done; it’s just less make-work and homework, so he can power through it. Dan and I were quizzing him the other night on the work he had done because we were worried that he was going too fast and not retaining it.  He didn’t appreciate that we asked and also demonstrated that he got the concepts just fine, thank you.  Isn’t being a parent fun?

Worth every minute.

Eliza has been working on her math, today, too.  She’s a little frustrated that the geometry is covering exactly what Nate was learning.  She said most kids like the review, but it drives her crazy because she doesn’t need it.  We have a hard time keeping her challenged and don’t want her to lose her love of learning.  She’ll be done with her classes earlier than May 30th also, so she has to decide whether to go on in math for next year, or study other subjects. Right now she’s taking math, science, language arts and Spanish.

Both kids are enrolled through our old school district and it’s been fairly easy compared to when we homeschooled in 2nd and 4th grade.  We did the K-12 curriculum then and it was hard, 6-8 hours a day.  What they learned was amazing though and we wished every public school could be half as good.  The literature, spelling, math and history – all first rate.  This time around we went for a lighter load so they can actually enjoy the trip and learn about each place we are in.  They probably work 10 hours/week total and that seems about right.

The hardest part of the homeschooling has been the wi-fi access.  We’ve stayed at several RV parks just for the access, and it hasn’t worked in 3 of them.  For 2 weeks now we are at a state park outside Phoenix, so we either use our own wi-fi hotspot, or come in to a library like today.  Which isn’t all bad.  It gets us showered, dressed,  out of the RV and around other people.

When Dan and I did our trip in 1998, we visited tons of libraries and really enjoyed it.  Interesting to see the architecture,they usually have great reads, different newspapers,  and the people watching is excellent! Aspen was our favorite of that trip and I’m looking forward to seeing if anything can compare to it around the USA.

We also are frequent bookstore visitors, and we’ve been to more than our fair share on this trip already. In January, as part of Nate’s language arts class, he was given a list of 8 books to choose from.  He picked The Life and Death of Crazy Horse by R. Freedman.  We clicked on the screen, expecting to download the book. Didn’t work.  We contacted the teacher and she said we had to get a REAL book.  We didn’t even think of that, we are so accustomed to online reading.

We were in a campground outside San Francisco at the time, so we went online to check out bookstores in the city.  Called 7 – no luck.  We checked to see if we could get it online, no luck.   We moved to an RV park outside Sacramento.  Called 3 bookstores and visited 4 others.  No luck.  We then ordered it off Amazon, and it should have been to my cousin Jen’s within 7-10 days.  No such luck.   It got there after we left San Diego!  We called ALL the Phoenix bookstores, and again, no luck.  No one stocks this book.  It’s not a classic.   We can’t order it off Amazon again because our state campground won’t accept mail.  So funny!  My cousin Jen is sending it to my friend south of us this week. Somehow we are going to hook up with him and get the book… we think.  Nate doesn’t mind not doing language arts, and he’ll be able to catch up easily, but we still think it’s pretty funny to have to buy a REAL book for an online class.

Oops, must run.   Eliza has to use this computer because hers isn’t loading the school software.  So that’s school for today!





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