By All of Us

From Eliza:

Tucson is so hot. I die everyday, I’m not used to the heat. My favorite part of Arizona was surprising my teammates at their meet in Phoenix ūüôā The water and air aren’t the cleanest but are tolerable. This weekend, we played mini-golf at this super cool arcade place and my golf ball matched my nails.


From Nate:

We took a bike ride. ¬†It was fun. ¬†It was hot. ūüôā


From Dan:

Here in Tucson. Been kind of hot lately, but nice. It got close to 90 the other day. I went for a killer bike ride up Mt Lemmon. It is a 9,000+ peak here in town. I thought that there would be snow up there, but none whatsoever. Google up Bicycle Magazine Mt Lemmon bicycle ride to get an idea of what it entails. It was steady climbing for over 20 miles. The longest climb I have ever done. The views were spectacular. The ride down was awesome. Just cruising for over 20 miles. Tons of bicyclists were on the road that day. We have been in Tucson for a few days now. We had spent three weeks in Phoenix. It was a great time in Phoenix. We saw friends of Sally, John, Wilma, and their son Steve. We also spent some time with Sally’s cousin Barb and her husband Tom and her Uncle Chuck and Aunt Bettie. It was great to see them. They were very kind one night and had us over for dinner. I went for a bike ride in their town of Gold Canyon. Very nice town way outside of Phoenix. ¬†The drive down to Tucson was uneventful. The RV is driving very nice and I pray that all of the bugs are out of it. We are camping in February and running the air conditioner. Can ya believe it?¬†

I have the trip itinerary done beginning early May all the way through October. We will be posting it soon. We have made reservations for every single night so we can be close to what we want to see such as Mackinaw Island, Niagara Falls, Prince Edward Island, Cape Cod, Outer Banks of North Carolina, New York, DC, and Philadelphia. I am looking forward to moving east to see things. Here in the near term we are going to Texas, Big Bend National Park, San Antonio, Austin, Houston (Joe and Olga), then over to Louisiana and then start working our way up the Mississippi Valley to Iowa by late April. 

I hope all is well for everyone. I am missing you. As I said before, it was a transition from work to retirement, but I am starting to get into it and enjoying it more and more. I really like spending time with my family every day. The little things such as just hanging out, doing homework, and having dinner together as a family. It is great spending more time every day with my wife Sally. I am loving it. This is all I have wanted from this trip was to spend time with my family. All of the rest is icing on the cake!! I would highly recommend doing this for everyone. Like a book I read, “Your life or your money.” I want my life. I can work again later someday if I want. This is time to be spent with my family and seeing our country.¬†

Take care everyone!


From Sally:

We’re staying at an RV park north of Tucson for a few days and it’s been interesting. ¬†We went from beautiful Usery Mtn to the KOA in ¬†Apache Junction, to this place… all downhill. ¬†The Good Sam gave this park 9’s across the board, but I had to talk Dan into pulling into our spot when we got here. ¬†The world’s largest gem and mineral show is in town, so it was hard to even get this reservation. ¬†The other parks were either full or 55+ again. ¬†They just pack us in here. ¬†Luckily Dan can park it anywhere and we’ve stayed at worse places. ¬†At least it has a pool and is safe!

One of the reasons we picked this park was because it is right next to the Santa Cruz River trail and on the map there is a big blue wavy line. ¬†It boasts 27 miles of paved trails. ¬†We took a ride today with the kids after they were done with school. ¬†They were surprised to see that the river doesn’t actually exist. ¬†So were Dan and I the first time we walked over to see it! ¬†It’s a huge dry canyon, 200 feet across and 30 feet deep. ¬†There are trees and plants growing in it, but the sad part was all the garbage. ¬†Strewn the whole length and just so ugly. ¬†From mattresses to tires to shopping carts to small litter – it’s all over. ¬†I’ve noticed 3 homeless camps so far on our rides. ¬†On the north end there is a little water coming out of a large pipe and there are other signs saying the ball fields are watered with reclaimed water. ¬†So far none of the locals have been able to tell me why it’s empty or if it fills up at any point during the year.

The wildlife viewing has been good in the canyon. ¬†The first morning we were walking the dogs and out of the brush came 2 big fat havelinas with 2 little babies. ¬†They went across the trail and down into the canyon as we were coming closer and when I yelled hello they took off a bit faster and the hair on their backs stood up. ¬†We know from camping near them years ago that you don’t want to get to close. ¬†We’ve never seen babies and they were just cute little pigs.

The next day we were in the same spot and I was leaning over the railing looking for them when a head came up out of the brush, stared at me, and laid his head back down. ¬†It was a coyote! ¬†Bigger than Lady, and ¬†obviously not impressed by us. ¬†Another one came out of the brush as we were walking away. ¬†We had heard them every night at our campground in San Diego, but we haven’t heard this group at all. And I haven’t been able to find them again.

The best animals to watch are the roadrunners. ¬†They are so funny! ¬†I’m not sure if they are any smarter than the cartoon, but they are a delight to watch. ¬†They are fast. ¬†They’ll come out of nowhere across the trail and be on the other side before you can blink. They fly fast, too. ¬†The yellow went flashing by me by about 3 feet and I almost lost the bike. ¬†The wing span looked to be almost 10-12″ and beautiful.

We are here another couple days, then off to Big Bend National Park.  Cannot wait to see new vistas!

The weather is spectacular for the only one in the family who loves the heat.  82 today, thank you very much, that I can live with.    


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I live in paradise again, Bend Oregon, after a 19 month RV trip around North America with our 2 teenagers and 2 dogs. It was the adventure of a lifetime, and now I'm on to my next one - selling real estate to those lucky enough to move to Bend. The trip blog is and my current blog is Follow along, I'd love to be in touch with you!

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