Day 88

We’re back at the little local library, and this place is hoppin’!   We’re all on computers; kids doing school, Dan and I trip planning.  We’ve almost got the spring,  summer and part of the fall reserved, which is a huge relief.  When we started, we wanted to just go and move to new campgrounds when we wanted, but with so many people snow-birding, the rotten weather,  and needing wi-fi for school, we have needed to make reservations.

We really had to make them for summer in the Northeast – we are going to popular places during the busiest time of the year.  It’s going to be insane everywhere we go!  When Dan and I did this in 1998, we got to Michigan, went down to Chicago, and turned around and headed west as fast as we could go.  We couldn’t stand all the traffic and noise and people and needed our wide open spaces.  This time we won’t have that option.  We know it will be bad, so we are mentally preparing for it now.  Yes, we know we are blessed to be living our dream, but the day to day reality of traffic is sometimes hard.

So here are the plans we have… subject to change, if we pay a fee! That’s another thing that’s different from the last trip.  Every campground or RV park has pages of rules/regulations to read before you arrive.  Many times when you reserve in advance, the whole fee isn’t refundable.  We’ve spent hours trying to plan for the places we really want to see, while blowing by other areas that will probably be just as beautiful.

Our goal of getting to Prince Edward Island via Canada has caused us to cut short other areas, and our goal of not having the RV pipes freeze has caused us to head south sooner than we’d like in the fall.( But we know we can come back to our favorites anytime we’d like – by plane!)  We’ve also had many places that were already booked and we had to go with our second or third choice.

The dates are short because we get bored easily and there is so much to see in a limited amount of time.   Many of the places this spring are Dan’s and my favorites – so we can’t wait to show the kids where we stayed before, all the bike rides we did, all the plaques we read and the history we learned.  We’re sure they’ll be thrilled.

3/12-24  Natchez

3/24-28  Little Rock

3/28-31  Maumelle, AK

3/31  Memphis

4/2-7  Nashville

4/7-8  Mammoth Caves

4/9-11  Trail of Tears

4/11-15  Baber State Park outside St. Louis

4/15-17 Starved Rock State Park

4/17-20  Ilinois Beach

4/21-22  Dubuque IA

4/23-24  Pikes Peak IA

4/25-5/12 Grandma Helen’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5/12-15  Lebanon Hills, MN

5/16-19  Al & Sue Crouse, Stillwater, MN

5/19-23  Devil’s Lake State Park

5/23-28  Madison KOA

5/28-6/1  Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek, WI

6/1-3 Mike & Leigh’s, Iron Mtn MI

6/3-9 St Ignace Straits St Park, near Mackinaw

6/9-11  Finn Rd

6/11-13  Wayne County Fairgrounds

6/13-16  Cedar Point, Sandusky Ohio

6/16-19  Evangola St Park, NY

6/19-22  Jellystone , Niagra Falls, Canada side

6/22-25  Darlington Provincial Park, Canada

6/25-27  Wellesley Island St Park, NY

6/28-7/1  Montreal

7/1-3  Quebec City

7/4-5  Mactaqua Provincial Park

7/5-10  Prince Edward Island!  Cornwall KOA

7/10-13  Halifax Nova Scotia KOA

7/13  Sussex NB

7/14-16  Cobscook Bay State Park, ME

7/16-20 Bar Harbor

7/20-21 Stonybrook, Hanover ME

7/21-25  Crazyhorse, CT

7/25-29  North Beach CT

7/29-31 North Pole Inn & Campground, NY

7/31-8/2  Tolland St Forest NY

8/1-8  Minuteman CG, Boston

8/8-11  Shady Knoll CG, Cape Cod

8/11-12  Salt Rock CG, CT

8/12-13  Cozy Hills CG, Bantam CT

8/14-21 Liberty Harbor Rv, NJ for NYC (Look it up/crazy!)


8/24-31 Warwick Woods PA , Gettysburg

8/31-9/2  Granite Hill

9/3-5  Harpers Valley KOA

9/5-19  Bull Run Regional Park, for DC

9/19-22  Charlottesville VA KOA

9/25-29  Cape Hatteras NC KOA

9/29-10/3  Jordan Lake St Rec area

Late October – Dave’s

November – March 2015 – Florida

March – July  – heading back west to settle in Oregon

That’s all folks!

About sallyljacobson

I live in paradise again, Bend Oregon, after a 19 month RV trip around North America with our 2 teenagers and 2 dogs. It was the adventure of a lifetime, and now I'm on to my next one - selling real estate to those lucky enough to move to Bend. The trip blog is and my current blog is Follow along, I'd love to be in touch with you!

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