Day 113, St. Louis. Missouri

Here’s the arch in all it’s glory!!! Couldn’t believe how beautiful it was as we approached from the parking garage. Tons of construction downtown, we were fortunate Dan found the parking garage. The redbud trees are my favorite – we’ve seen them since Mississippi and just now learned the name. The dogwood trees are at their peak, too.
Here’s another family shot that we bought. (Ouch, $’s.) Eliza liked this one. As we were getting ready to load for the little cars that take you to the top of the arch, we lined up against the wall and bam, they take the picture. You’d think we’d be used to it by now. I need someone like my Dad saying, “move here, take off those glasses, Nate step here…”!
View from the top looking west. There was a Cardinals game set for 130p.m. and the guard had his binoculars ready. We were lucky it was sunny because the last couple days we’ve had huge rain storms and tonight we’re due for snow. SNOW. Ugh.
This is the view looking straight down, on the east side, to the Mississippi. I got the nerve up to look over and then thought I’d take this shot to remember that I briefly had the nerve. You couldn’t feel the arch move as they say it can in the wind, but looking out was nerve wracking. I don’t remember being scared when we took Eliza there in 2000, so it must be age…and the fact that we are 632 feet up. The guys building it didn’t even wear harnesses! And they had no fatalities. In the final shot of the movie we watched a guy was standing on the outside of the little platform at the top, using his foot to guide the last section in. His foot! 632 feet up! No ropes! Sounds like work my brother Jeff could do, only he’s smart enough to be safe.
This is my “art shot” of the arch. After seeing how it was built, we had to look at it closely when we went outside. Then we looked up at the clouds whizzing past and it was fantastic. I took about 10 shots and this is my favorite. The kids have been taking art shots the whole trip and posting on Instagram, so I’m learning from them. Our whole house is going to be covered in pictures when we land again.
This was a surprise. Outside the old courthouse (west, visible from the arch) is this statue of Dred and Harriet Scott. They were the slaves that sued for their freedom and finally, years later, won. They sued because they had been living in free territory, but then when back in Missouri, they weren’t free. Their master died and his wife wasn’t amenable to setting them free. The court decisions against them were a major part of the beginning of the civil war. People either strongly agreed or disagreed. Even the President weighed in. I had forgotten that all this occurred in St. Louis. The courthouse is well preserved and has the original woodwork. I know that I never heard the term, “Dred AND Harriet Scott” in history class – just the Dred Scott case. So she was disregarded twice! Whew, good little lesson for Eliza and a long prayer said by me that Eliza won’t face that kind of discrimination.

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