By Dan

June 14, 2014: Saturday. The day has arrived!! Cedar Point. The weather is going to be beautiful, sunny about 70 with a slight wind off of the lake. We could not have asked for better weather. Well, I made it to 10 am and got sick. The Maverick did me in. I did not feel well. Headache. As it turned out, I was done for the day. At least I got to see Eliza and Nate have fun riding all of the rides. That was well worth it. We went back to the RV for lunch and a quick nap then back to the park from about 1 to 10 pm. We had a blast. I hate to see this day end. I was so proud of Eliza and Nate, especially riding the Top Thrill Dragster. Even if I was not sick, I don’t think I could have ridden it. They did, so it was great. We did the ferris wheel near dark and got a grand view of the park and Lake Erie. To bed at about 11 pm

June 15, 2014: Father’s day. What a great day. Eliza and Nate each wrote me a special, personal card. We all slept in and hung out at the RV park for the day resting. We hit the pool and did some walking around.

June 16, 2014: Monday. Wow, Cedar Point is history. Hard to believe. One of the hightlights of the trip over. I can’t believe it. We are off to Evangola State Park along Lake Erie for 3 nights. It is just south of Buffalo about 25 miles. It turned out to be a cool park. We had our own private trail down to the beach, so that was nice. The campground was about empty. We got there at about 3 and hung out for the evening. It was a long day driving. Sally and I took a short bike ride around the park to see it. Today was two first’s for me: first time in Pennsylvania and first time in New York. On the drive we drove through Pennsylvania.

June 17, 2014: Tuesday. We drove in to Buffalo today to get Sally her birthday present. A new iPhone 5c. She loves it. Nate got a hair cut and we did some grocery shopping. When we got back, I took a nap and then went for a bike ride after. Later that evening, we went down to the beach. It was partly sunny today and hot and humid. We could see the Buffalo skyline off in the distance when we drove into town. It was cool.

June 18, 2014: Wednesday. I got up and did about a 20 mile bike ride while the kids were sleeping. Today is a day to hang out at the RV. The weather was somewhat iffy, overcast, but still warm. It was good to relax. I tried to start reading Ulysses by James Joyce. It is a difficult book to start. I just finished Inferno by Dante which was real hard to read. Tomorrow we are off to another major highlight of the trip: Niagara Falls. None of us have ever seen it. It is a high point for me of the trip. Can’t wait to share it with my family. We will be staying on the Canada side of the river.

June 19, 2014: Thursday It is a short drive, only about 50 miles so we did not leave the campground until about 11 am. The overcast sky turned to clear blue skies when we left which made for great driving. We drove through Buffalo and crossed over the Peace Bridge to Canada. The border crossing and toll gates were barely wide enough to get the RV through. Tight. The drive was great. Buffalo looks like an okay town, but again it looks depressed. We are staying at the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park which is about 3.5 miles to Niagara Falls. We arrived early at about 1 pm, so we rode our bikes over to see it. WOW!! Spectacular. There are 2 falls, Canada Horseshoes falls and the American Falls. They are really really cool. I have to be honest, not quite as big as I expected, but still really awesome. Tomorrow we are going to ride the Maid of the Mist to see the falls. We are going to walk across the bridge over to the US side to visit the State Park, which looks really cool and tons to do. The weather here is nice. Sunny, low humidity and about 75 degrees. Low humidity is great. I plan on going for a big bike ride Sunday morning along the Niagara Parkway.

June 20, 2014: Friday. Yogi Bear Jellystone Park. Today is our day to explore Niagara Falls. Found cheap parking $2 all day. We walked over the Rainbow Bridge to the USA. It cost 50 cents each to walk over. Customs was fine. We did the Maid of the Mist ride first. It was great. It took us right up into both waterfalls. Went by too fast, only 20 minute boat ride. The weather was great. Sunny, but not too hot. We then walked around Niagara Falls State Park. We stood right by Horseshoe Falls looking back over to Canada. It was pretty. We went back to the RV to rest up for the night. I went for a 25 mile bike ride south along the Niagara River. It was a great bike ride. We drove back into town at about 7 pm for the 9pm light show and 10 pm fireworks. We walked around a bit. We were sitting next to the lighthouse where the lights are for lighting the falls. I went up to the light master and asked if we could come in and he said yes. We got a great tour from Vic. Nate and Eliza actually got to light up the falls. The fireworks were only five minutes, but really good. Tons going off at the same time.

June 21, 2014: Saturday. Longest daylight day of the year. The trip is going by so quick. We all slept in today. We went into town and drove around a bit. We drove north of Niagara Parkway. It was quite scenic. We saw a tram that went over the river. Another nice weather day, sunny and warm. Sally and I went for about a 12 mile bike ride back at the RV. We just hung out that evening at the RV park. This RV park was less than half full. I thought that since this is summer and near Niagara Falls, it would be packed. It wasn’t. We had a good site with plenty of room.

June 22, 2014: Sunday. Leaving today for Toronto. It is about 120 miles. As it turned out, it as basically city driving the entire way. There are tons of people living here in this part of Ontario. Toronto is 2. 4 million folks. Can ya believe it eh? It was a pretty drive around the lake. We could see Toronto skyline once we got on the freeway. We are at Darlington Provincial Park. This park is nice. We are in site #8 right on Lake Ontario!! One of the best campsites ever. We got here early and since it was sunny, we just hung out and enjoyed the lake. Toronto tomorrow. Nate and I are thinking of doing the Edgewalk at the CN tower. We saw it on Globetrekker many years ago. It is about 1,200 feet up walking on an edge around the entire building. I think I can do it! This is an event of our lifetime so I need to do it with Nate.

June 23, 2014: Monday. We lucked out, there is a light rail train going into Toronto only 10 miles from here. We took the train instead of driving 30 miles into town. The ride on the train took about an hour. First thing, off to the CN Tower. Nate and I went up. We did it!! Nate was fearless. We leaned over backwards and forwards off the edge of the building 1,186 feet up in the air. Google up CN Edgewalk and see the video they promote this. We had perfect weather. Slightly overcast and no wind. Nate loved this. It was great father/son bonding. We walked around a bit in the afternoon and got back to the RV by about 5 pm. We were all tired. Sleep in tomorrow.

June 24, 2014: Tuesday. We woke up to an overcast day. It was raining on and off through the night. I went for about a 16 mile bike ride. We washed the dogs today. Just kept around the RV and enjoyed the view and the lake ontario. Tomorrow we are back to the good ole US of A for two days and then back into Canada going to Montreal. We have been in Canada now for 6 days. I like Canada. We have not had cell service in Canada. Funny how we get so reliant on it for weather, maps, and information plus keeping in touch with family and friends. Everyone is doing well. Sally and Eliza are feeling better. They both had a slight case on the flu or something. I thought this campground would be busier. It is only about half full. We are a third of the way done with our 18 month sojourn. It is hard to believe that it is going by so quick. Some of the highlights we were looking forward to are over! Iowa with my Mom. Friends in Minnesota. Friends in Michigan. Mackinac Island. Cedar Point. Niagara Falls. Toronto. Wow. Just flying by. Before you know it, we will be on our way back home to Bend, Ore.

June 25, 2014: Wednesday. Today is a travel day. We are leaving Darlington Provincial Park and heading back to New York State to Wellesley State Park. We are taking the Canadian freeway the entire way except for the last few miles to the campground. The drive was not all the scenic until we got to the Thousand Island area of the Saint Lawrence Seaway. It is very beautiful. Lots of islands with homes o them. Amazing. The water is so clear. Upstate New York is really pretty. We drove to the campground and got set up. Unfortunately, we were not on the water like I was hoping, but still it was nice. We had easy access to the beach to swim. I took a nap this afternoon. I was tired.

June 26, 2014: Thursday. Not much going on today. The day started out poorly. We were all on the bike ride and Eliza and I crashed. Fortunately, I was stopped and she basically fell over. So, we were all fine. But, it was still kind of unnerving. I would have hated for it to have been worse. So, Eliza hung out in the RV and Sally and I went for a bike ride. We checked out the campground. It is huge. We went to the nature center. The day was sunny and warm again. This campground was also about half full. It was a nice campground and quiet. Not too hard to get too off the freeway. Later in the day, I went for a ride on my own to the bridge to mainland USA. I was able to walk on the bridge and see the view. It was cool. This part of upstate New York is beautiful. I would vacation here again. Tomorrow we are off to another highlight, Montreal Canada!!

June 27, 2014: Friday. Sally’s birthday!! Unfortunately, today is a travel day from Wellesley State Park New York to Montreal. The day broke with sunshine and it is going to hot today, and humid. We are taking back roads to Montreal instead of going up the Canadian side on the freeway. It is more scenic and we are able to see more of the State of New York, but it took us probably five hours to go no more than 130 miles. It was just slow going. Keep in mind that it probably took us close to 20 minutes or so to just get out of the campground. We want to travel the backroads, but the freeways sure do make good time. It is a tradeoff. We also want ed to use gas up in the tank and buy in the states since gas is Canada is $5.31/gallon. We got to the campground. It is located about 15 miles outside of Montreal. You can see the skyline. They are working on fixing up the campground. It is rated a 10/10/10 which we have never stayed at. It was nice. They told us to take the bus to downtown Montreal tomorrow. Save the headache of driving and parking. The annual jazz festival was going on and with it being of city of 1.5+ million, lots of traffic to consider. We hit the pool this evening. They had a DJ and they were having a party. There are a lot of older, retired Canadians living here for the summer. They were living it up. Very nice folks. Everyone was welcoming. Bon jour!! After dinner, we just hung out at the RV. It was hot, so we were running the air conditioning. Tomorrow is going to be another hot and humid day in Montreal. We are all looking forward to it.

June 28, 2014: Saturday. Off to Montreal. We were at the bus station and in town by 10 am. The ride was only about half an hour. Happenstance would have it traffic was not that bad, nor construction, so we could easily have driven in. But this was fine. We hiked up to the parc that over looks Montreal. It was cool. Parc du-Mont Royal. There were tons of people walking the 425+ stairs to the top. The view was really cool. Off to the museum. Opps, closed. Wouldn’t ya know it. So, we started walking to the Jazz festival. It took up a whole city block. We walked along St Catherine street which is all shops and shopping. We ate lunch at a Chinese buffet restaurant. It was okay, nothing special but this kept up having buffet lunch on our birthdays. Mine at the casino in St. Louis, which we all agree was the best and Nate’s buffet dinner Fish Boil in Door County. We headed back to the bus station about 4 and to home shortly after. It is good to get back and take care of the dogs. Lady and Jessica. I have not said much of them, but it is a real treat to have them along. They are pretty good traveling dogs. Jessica has gotten into a bad habit of whining in the middle of the night. So, she is sleeping in the car now. Maybe in a couple of weeks she will be over it. Montreal was a cool town. I have always wanted to go there. I know there is tons more to do. You could easily spend a week here. We walked by McGill University. It is very prestigious comparable to Harvard and Stanford. They have tons of very successful alumni, maybe even more so than Harvard. 9 Nobel Laureates. 136 Rhode Scholars, 3 astronauts, 2 Canadian Prime Ministers, 13 supreme court justices, 9 academy award winners, 3 Pulitzer Prize Winners, and 28 Olympic Medalists. It is ranked 1st in Canada and 21st in the world.

June 29, 2014: Sunday. Rest day. I went for a 25 mile bike ride to start the day. I rode over to the St Lawrence Seaway and back. We just hung out today. It was hot and humid again.

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