Day 218, Quechee State Park, Vermont

IMG_7878We call Vermont the mini-Oregon and you can see why by this picture!  It’s green, tons of hills, and has rained on us quite often.  But we still love being here!  it is an awesome little state and the people are wonderful.

Took this picture on our drive from Burlington to Quechee State Park.  Dan proposed changing our plans that morning and bypassing NY to go south instead.  I was all for it.  We’ve been in the woods a lot, and going south, closer to Boston, would be less driving.  I found Quechee online, and we were hoping it would be nice.

Not that I mind one minute of our windshield time!  I mind the cost (.50/mile), but not the views out our huge front window.  Dan and I really like seeing what’s around the next corner, what the little towns look like, and how silly other drivers can be.  Really, we could have kept a blog just on drivers!  My favorite town recently had flags all along the whole village road, from end to end.  Beautiful.

IMG_7909This was our campsite!  We were so surprised to have it be so big and with great trees.  We’ve been in quite a few recently where Dan had to be really careful backing in.  This one was so easy I could have done it if he would ever give up the wheel.  After hiking to the nearby gorge (they call it the little grand canyon), and over to see an old mill pond (the kids say we could have stayed home in Bend for that) Nate and I built a huge fire to BBQ our chicken dinner.  We had 3 days at this park and we are so glad we changed our plans.  This was a hidden gem in Vermont and we were sad to leave such a beautiful spot.

P.S  Check out the bumper sticker on the tow vehicle… we’ve gotten so many honks and waves since putting it on,  Definitely our motto for now!

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I live in paradise again, Bend Oregon, after a 19 month RV trip around North America with our 2 teenagers and 2 dogs. It was the adventure of a lifetime, and now I'm on to my next one - selling real estate to those lucky enough to move to Bend. The trip blog is and my current blog is Follow along, I'd love to be in touch with you!

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