Day 226, By Nate


Yesterday we went into Salem, it was a lot different then I thought it would be because I thought the people who lived there would have set it up so it would look like the same as it was along time ago. It was just basically a regular town. We went

to see a customs house that had a wooden eagle that was hand carved to be put on the of the building.   It was really big. The guide said it was carved in pieces so it would be easier. The one currently on the building is made out of plastic with gold paint instead of wood and gold leaf. Then we went to the harbor right across the street and got to look around a boat that volunteers and park service people were restoring. After that we started to walk back to our car to have lunch at the park.


            In Toronto dad and I did the Edge Walk around the CN tower. The Edge Walk was at 1168 feet, but the tower was taller than that. We had a harness that connected us to a rail above our heads and that was it. There wasn’t a rail, the floor was a metal grate that you could see through, and the walk way was only a few feet wide. It was really fun.


            Boston was really cool to see but it was like every other city we’ve been to. On the sidewalks and roads there was a strip of red bricks that we walked along, it was the Freedom Trail. We learned some stuff along the way and went to an old cemetery. It was fun.


            We went to a Minuteman museum and got to see where everything happened, we stood where the first shot was fired and watched a short movie on it. After that we went to see an original building that was an old tavern, it was cool.




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