Day 236, New York City

IMG_8881Hailey and Eliza after a fun lunch at Juniors in the beautifully redone Grand Central Station!

We got up early again and rode a different ferry over to Manhattan, just like we knew what we were doing. This time we figured out the subway and bought 4 unlimited passes for the week, $31/each.  (That’s the cheapest thing in NYC!)

We got off at Grand Central Station and wandered around with our mouths hanging open – it is magnificent!  They have really redone it right and we were impressed.  We went outside to see a horde of bikers and walkers on Park Avenue – they had closed it to traffic for the day so people could play on it.  We walked and gawked for awhile, and then spent twice as much time as that trying to find our way OFF the elevated road.  Funny.

Finally got back to Juniors – a restaurant in the lower levels of Grand Central.  We met one of Eliza’s former gymnastic’s teammates and her mom and family for lunch! They happened to be in the area for vacation, and we figured out how to get the girls together.  So fun!

Then we walked up 5th avenue, stopping at St. Patrick’s church (under reconstruction) Trump’s Niketown, Tiffany and FAO Schwartz(to dance on the floor piano).  There were about a dozen other stores to see, but we didn’t have time for everything.  We strolled through Central Park with at least 5,000 other folks out enjoying the sunshine, and went into the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Whew, the place is huge and I could tell we needed days to get through here! After seeing my Matisse, we ended up in a room full of statues and I had to ask the guard if they were real.  I think they are copies and the originals are in collector’s homes!


Back on the street,  we rode the subway to the ferry terminal, and waited for it to dock so we could hop on.  I probably took 125 pictures today, because I cannot get enough of the architecture and the way the light hits the buildings.  It was another perfect day!

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