Day 263, Gail, the Air & Space Museum, and the Native American Museum in the rain

Up early to go meet my friend Gail at the corner Starbuck’s – she lives less than 2 miles from where we are camped now!  I knew there was a reason that we needed to move the RV to a new campground – Gail!  It’s almost beyond my ability to write about how wonderful it was to spend time with her. She was a huge part of my life when I lived in D.C., and while we’ve kept in touch, hugging her in person made my world just right.

Gail worked in Senator Hatfield’s office when I was an intern.  We were good friends and she took me to breakfast one morning and I re-dedicated my life to Christ.  She’s been in my prayers ever since.  I am so humbled by her love and support.  Today it was like we had never been apart, and once again, I was wishing everyone I love lived in my neighborhood!  I want to see her everyday.  As it was, our hours passed quickly and I headed back to get everyone around to go to D.C. for more sightseeing.

We rode the metro in and it was a much shorter commute.  Of course, we paid for it with the expensive RV park, but that’s how it goes, we pay for it one way or the other!  Time and money, time or money.

We headed to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum first.  I was hoping it wouldn’t be too crowded, because I wanted the kids to be able to enjoy all the cool exhibits.  We weren’t disappointed in any of it – it’s just a great museum.  We learned more about the Apollo missions, tried to figure out the science of the planets, and read the whole exhibit on the Wright Brothers and the other on Amelia Earhart.  I wasn’t feeling well, so I sat and relaxed while Dan and the kids wandered around more.   I love people watching, so it wasn’t all bad.

IMG_0671It’s a two story building, with a balcony that runs along the second floor so they can hang all types of air vehicles.  I saw 3 little boys try to climb over the railing and was glad Nate was too old for that now.  They just “wanted to touch it, Dad”!

After a gross lunch in the attached McDonald’s, we walked through the rain to the Native American Museum.  The building itself is beautiful from the outside, all curves and water features and art, so I knew the inside would be good.  We went to the top floor and worked our way down.  The exhibits were amazing, but because we live in Oregon, we weren’t surprised that the handmade art was exquisite, and we definitely weren’t surprised by the history depicted.  Our favorite exhibit was in a round theatre room and the “movie” was played on the walls, the middle canvas, and the art in the glass cases along the walls.  It was really well done and if we’d had more time, I would have watched it twice because I’m sure I missed some of it. It was notable that all the employees working there are Native Americans.  The most interesting thing about the museum was that their gift shop wasn’t just in one spot like other Smithsonians – there was art and pottery and jewelry for sale on all the levels.  I guess they have to keep the doors open somehow.

By this late in the afternoon, I was really feeling sick, so we decided to head home.  We walked to the metro station, and when the train came, I gratefully sank into the cold, plastic chair for the ride home.

IMG_0678Art in the museum.

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