Day 277, Cape Hatteras, NC

Sunrise over the Atlantic ocean this morning!

IMG_1469We are staying at the Cape Hatteras KOA for a few days, and we drove down to the lighthouse today to check it out.  It’s huge! Built in 1810, in 1999 they moved it 1500′ inland so it would be “safer” from the encroachment of the ocean.   At 210′ high, it is the 15th tallest in the USA, but they say it’s the tallest BRICK one. We didn’t take the tour and walk the steps up, because we’ve “been there, done that”!  Go ahead, ask us about Fresnel lens’!

We toured the keeper’s homes, too, and lucked out when I asked the ranger where we could go to collect shells.  Dad had mentioned that this is supposed to be a good area, and the ranger complied by telling us a super-secret, not to be shared location.  We drove, then hiked to the beach and I didn’t want to leave.  Not only were there tons of shells, but the view was spectacular.  And it was warm!  We were warm AND at the beach, how novel.

IMG_1483Nate found part of a horseshoe crab.  Look at the color of that water!  We played until we got hungry, then hiked back to the car and drove back north to the campground.  This KOA is right on the beach, we are in a spot backed up to the little berm that separates the beach from the campground, and we can hear the ocean.  It’s beautiful.


If you look up the Outer Banks on a map, you can see how thin they are.  At some spots, the land is only a couple hundred feet wide – the Pamlico sound on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.  This is the sunset at 7:02 p.m. that night over the sound.  We ran from our site to see it and every night we were there we went to see it.  Heaven.

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