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Day 318, The Low Country , SC

This area is as beautiful as I remember , trees all over , even if there are McDonalds every 10 miles . The highways have been nice , no major construction to drive in , whew .


This statue is in Battery Park , Charleston , SC. Great park and several locals out walking . Fort Sumter is in the bay , just a speck in our pictures. We didn’t take the $72 boat tour out because we’re too cheap , didn’t have time due to school , and we’ve done the Civil War now ! We could give tours ourselves .

The town of Charleston is worth a visit . Eliza and I really liked this “house”:


We love love loved our campground on James Island . Huge county park with bike paths and a dog park to rival our favorite one at home . I was having a ball walking the dogs all over until I saw this sign :


What ?!! No more swimming for the dogs . The park employees were setting up all the Christmas lights and they expect 250,000 people to drive through it . Glad we aren’t here then ! I was walking the dogs one night and heard rustling and a huge splash nearby and took off running . I don’t want to know . For once I was happy to see a sweet little deer that was in the safety of the campground :


We headed to the Savannah area next and really enjoyed our short tour . A local cigar seller told me they are #6 for tourism and #2 as a port , but we couldn’t verify those figures online . This is a view of the buildings built over a street , and a ship full of containers :


We walked down this cool old staircase to the waterfront :


We could tell the old part of town was for tourists , and it reminds us of New Orleans for the look and the fact that not much is happening at 9 am ! The square gardens were pretty , just here at the wrong season . Here’s my family :


So we did school a ton , ate our Costco pantry , biked and exercised , and tried to get used to life on the road again. We are missing Dave’s family so much and the dogs are wondering where all the attention went ? Where are the boys ?


I took this picture as were leaving the Fort McAllister campground . The Spanish moss hanging from the live oak trees isn’t Spanish or moss – it’s an air plant . There , now you can say you learned something today !