Day 328, The Magic Kingdom at Disney World


Off we go! We were up really early to ride the first boat over to the Magic Kingdom and after scanning our bracelets to get in, we headed quickly to the indoor theatre for pictures with Mickey Mouse. We only had to wait 20 minutes in line, and we didn’t mind because when we were here in 2011, the line was 90 minutes long. When we got into the private room with Mickey, I was pleasantly surprised to see him interact with the kids by doing a corny magic trick. He actually took the time to make each one of them laugh, too! We knew it would be a different adventure this time because the kids are teenagers, but I was glad to see them enjoying the magic already.  You have to be child-like when you’re at Disney World!

It was also funny to hear Mickey talk to them – what a great voice.  Then he beckoned Dan and I forward for the family picture. Below is our August 2011 picture to compare to our picture today. Wow, how time flies.  I cry just looking at the two pictures and it makes me so glad we are doing this huge adventure as a family.


This is our picture from today!


Done with Mickey, we ran for Space Mountain, because it was still “extra magic hours” for those who stay on property, and we were hoping the line wouldn’t be long. We were right! We went running inside and almost all the way to get into the cars. Dan hadn’t gone off coffee like he did for Cedar Point, but we thought this ride would be tame enough that it wouldn’t make him sick. Ooh, how wrong we were. He almost passed out while the rest of us were having a blast. You can guess who was laughing and screaming, and by the picture they took, we got to see that Nate was looking all calm and cool. We felt so bad for Dan – Day 1, Ride 1, and he was already sidelined.   Darn.

We had fun until about 2 p.m., when the heavens opened up and the largest raindrops I’d ever seen proceeded to pelt us silly. I mean, really silly. We had a Fast Pass for Splash Mountain that we used just as it started, then Dan and Eliza rode Thunder Mountain and said it was so good, Nate and I had to go again with them. As if we weren’t wet enough, we stood in line briefly and then hopped on the outdoor train. To be moving fast and having your face hit with rain while trying to hold on – it was so fun. We will never forget that ride!

Our poncho’s had been left in the rig, so we quickly went to the Haunted Mansion. I knew the waiting line was under a canopy, and we were hoping the rain would be done by the time we got done being scared. I wasn’t as spooked this time, but I could still remember going the first time to Disneyland and having my older brother scare me to death on this ride! 42 years earlier! Of course, I told the kids and they were so happy to hear yet another of my stories.

The rain still hadn’t let up when we emerged from the dark ride, so we headed nearby to the Hall of Presidents show. It was packed with people wanting to be inside like us, but we were able to get a seat. As we left, we talked about how funny they made the life-like robots look to represent each President and wondered if they did some really lame on purpose?! Do you think Mickey is a Republican, Democrat or Independent?

By this time, it was 430pm , and we were cold, wet, and tired. We decided to head home and change clothes and then see  what we were up for next. Turns out all we were capable of was dinner and bed. Another perfect day.

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