Day 331, Hollywood Studios at Disney World


This is Eliza and Dan, riding the bus to Hollywood Studios, about a 15 minute ride.  We were up early again because the park was closing at 4 p.m. for an employees “Years of Service” party.  We found out the day we checked in about all the early closures, and we were bummed. We had planned on staying in parks longer, but instead we were having to get up early and cram it all in.  Still, we’re here, so we’re going to enjoy it.

I didn’t carry a purse today, so we were able to go through the line quicker, and we took off running for “Toy Story”.  It’s a game/ride that you sit in and shoot at targets for points.  Last time we were here, we waited 90 minutes in line with a Fast Pass, and we weren’t able to get a Fast Pass this time, so we didn’t know what we’d face.  We were in good company, with about 50 other people hustling to the line.  It sounds funny to type that in, but when you’re there, it’s worth running to miss waiting an extra hour.  I think of it as “cardio” and since Dan and I can barely keep up with the kids when they run, it’s always hilarious.

We got there in pretty good time, and quickly walked through the huge waiting area and to the cars.  You put on 3-D glasses that are adorable – bright yellow squares that appear clean, we hope.  The ride itself is a blast and we’re not sure if the counters were working for the score, because Nate and Dan’s car beat Eliza and I by a hundred thousand points.  My accuracy was the best, but I had the least points.  I’m sure there’s a lesson there.

We had free time before our next Fast Pass, so we strolled down the back street and into the history of Walt Disney.  There are trophy cases full of his first cartoons, and it was interesting to see that Mickey Mouse didn’t get cute until later in the process – when he wanted to make him a star, a friend and fellow artist drew Mickey with eyes that moved – and that added more complicated expressions to his face.  They also made his belly a little rounder to be cute.  We were the only guests in the theatre, and we enjoyed the 20 minute movie.  The cast members(employees) made a big deal of the fact that we were the only ones and I was waiting for the kids to tell him that their nerdy parents made them come in, but luckily, they didn’t say a word!

We headed to the Rock n Roll roller coaster next, and rode it twice in succession. This is my favorite ride here!  The music is Aerosmith, played loudly, and it really makes the ride more fun.  You could barely hear people screaming over it as we looped up and around and then continued for another minute.  After Cedar Point and learning about how fun long rides are, we think Disney should step up the ride time, too.  But this ride is excellent!  We went out and ran to the standby line and rode again.  Dan sat by the exit, held our coats, and watched the parade of tourists go by.  Many of the rides take pictures of you on the ride now, and ours was hilarious.  We saw other peoples’ that were obviously staged – they knew where the camera was and did crazy poses – but we weren’t that organized.

Next we went to find Eliza’s favorite lunch spot from 2011 – only to find that it is closed on Thursdays!  We were so disappointed.  I promised that I’d make her a caesar salad and we’d stuff it in a roll, but we both know that it wouldn’t taste as good as 2011.  We will have to practice to get it to taste decent and not be soggy.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching shows, watching people, and eating snacks. We were so tired.  (Read, Dan and I were so tired.)  We took the picture below as we were leaving the park, and Dad said if we were doing a Christmas card this year, we should use it for our photo. We’re not.  We got up early.  We’re still tired and happy, that’s us.


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