Day 332, Eliza’s 15th Birthday at Magic Kingdom


The professional photographer had Eliza pose like this and I took a picture, too.  Of course I did – it’s her birthday!

Whew that went fast!  Our little girl has been a young lady for years now, but 15 sounds so grown up!  Not too old to wear the ears we bought her, though, and I was proud of her.  She also wore the button that said “It’s My Birthday” most of the day, and cast members and other tourists wished her  a “happy birthday” all day long.  Tons of tourists wear the big buttons – Anniversary, First Visit, 23rd Visit- and when you wish them whatever it is, they just beam.  Of course, if we are stuck in line with them I have to talk to them about it, which my family just loves.  I love hearing people’s stories.  Just love it.  I’d share more of them here, but I really do want to respect people’s privacy, especially when they tell you something serious.

Today, however, was all about Eliza and celebrating her big day. Which is why we are here in the first place!  We were going to only come for her birthday, and then somehow it morphed into the whole week.  If we hadn’t stayed at Dave and Claudia’s for a month, we wouldn’t be able to afford this week, so thank you Dave and Claudia for helping us give Eliza this week.  She was really looking forward to it and it helped get her through all the tough on-line schooling she’s been doing.

Eliza had a list of rides we still hadn’t done, and many of them were in the new Fantasyland.  Which was filled with toddlers and babies screaming and crying non-stop.  Agh!  Help!  We already paid our dues in that regard!  We could only stand it for a little while, then we’d go do an “older” kids’ ride.  My favorite was a little play called something like  “Talking with Belle.”  After winding our way through the set of a house, we filed into the second room and stood behind a fake fence.  The cast member asked for all the kids to come forward, and mine weren’t budging from our back row spot.  When the wall opened up and we went into the next room, all the kids that wanted to participate were given parts in the play.  After practicing their parts – spoon, guard, tea cup- we went into the next room.  The parents and non participants took seats on the long benches, and Belle swept in, wearing a beautiful yellow gown.  They all acted out the little play, with a narrator helping the story along.  At the end, each child who participated was able to get a picture with Belle, and I joined the other moms who were wiping their eyes.  It was adorable. Belle was so gracious with the kids and you could tell the little ones were into the magic.  One little girl knew this Disney story by heart, and Belle was really sweet with her.  And the young man who played the guard wasn’t too cool to get his own picture with her.  It was so well done.  Disney at it’s best!

IMG_3110This was my favorite float of the afternoon parade.  We had a good spot to watch it and really enjoyed it.  We spent the rest of the afternoon doing rides, watching plays, snacking, watching people, and waiting in line.

For her birthday dinner, we rode the monorail over to the Floridian resort and we got to see the gingerbread house in their lobby.  This resort is a little too upscale for us; we do better at campgrounds.  Dinner was great and we rode the monorail back to catch our boat.  It had been a long, wonderful birthday for our young lady, and we were so happy she enjoyed herself.

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