Day 535 of Life on the Road as a Family, the Enchanted Circle

IMG_8576Dan was up at 5:30 a.m. and hit the road on his bike to ride the Enchanted Circle – here the kids are standing near a sign that shows the area.  Taos itself is beautiful, but the Sangre de Cristo Mountain area that he rode through is even prettier.  We didn’t leave until 8:30 a.m. because we are finally done with school and are feeling lazy!

We couldn’t believe how hard the ride was – he was up and down huge mountains, and gained over a mile in elevation. Coming out of the cutest little mountain town ever, Red River, we had to go up Bobcat Pass. We hadn’t caught him yet and we couldn’t believe he was riding straight up this mountain, on a winding, narrow road. The car could barely keep going, I had to keep shifting down.

We didn’t catch him until mile 53 of his 88 mile ride.  IMG_8601He looked strong.  Wouldn’t this make a great poster?!  This was in the middle of the valley and it was hot.

After hugs and pictures and water, he kept riding, and the kids and I stopped at a Vietnam Veterans Memorial we saw.  IMG_8617Built by the father of a boy who lost his life in Vietnam, it is a touching site and an excellent museum.  The video they play is famous actors reading letters that were sent home.  Luckily we only saw 1/2 of it because I was bawling.  It’s a state park now, and down over the hill they are building only the 4th national cemetery in the nation.  We toured for about an hour, and then hurried back to the road to find Dan again.

IMG_8636We caught up to him again, just as he was about to hit the last leg for home.  After more hugs and pictures and water, he turned left, and we went right to find the Earthship.  The kids are great explorers now and I love driving with them to find new places.  We have only gotten lost a few times, and even then, we don’t mind because we always see cool stuff or meet nice people.

IMG_8658Jim, a friend from high school, had told me on FB that his daughter was taking a course on building earthships, so to go find her.  You know me, I thought that was a great idea. We drove onto the property and I walked over to a group that was having lunch outside in the 100 degree heat.  I asked if they knew Heidi, and a young lady girl from Kentucky took us to find her.  Jim had told her we were coming and she was so gracious and showed us her room in the bunkhouse earthship.  It was nice and cool inside.  Primitive, but it has everything you need and wouldn’t fall apart like the RV.

There are several earthships in the Taos area and we had seen them from the road, but it was even better to see their construction up close.  Started when the first hippies moved to area in the 1960’s, they use tires,  mud, cement, wine and beer bottles and other recyclable materials to build earth friendly, environmentally sensitive houses.  There were people from all over the world at the one month course.  It would be so fun to take the course.

IMG_8671On the way back to the RV park, we had to go over the Rio Grande gorge again, so we stopped and bought cherry snow cones for the walk out onto the bridge.   We watched a group of rafters float by, but decided that there weren’t enough rapids to warrant us taking the trip.  We are missing our Tumalo State Park this summer and all the inner tubing we usually do.  And we are such snobs about our water now – we like it clear and clean!  We haven’t seen clean water in months – the pollution and garbage vary, but the color of the water is always brown.

After a little shopping for fathers day gifts, we headed home to see how Dan was doing.  He was recuperating from his ride well, and we had a good pasta dinner.  Another great day on the road!

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I live in paradise again, Bend Oregon, after a 19 month RV trip around North America with our 2 teenagers and 2 dogs. It was the adventure of a lifetime, and now I'm on to my next one - selling real estate to those lucky enough to move to Bend. The trip blog is and my current blog is Follow along, I'd love to be in touch with you!

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