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Day 407 of Life on the Road as a Family, Naples to Ocala, FL

IMG_4783Hard to say goodbye to this beautiful site!  We will miss the paved site, lake view, no bugs (they spray for them as opposed to the Keys), 2 pools and 3 hot tubs.  We will miss riding our bikes and dodging golf carts.  We will miss looking for gators in the lake!  But it’s also exciting… we’ve been here a month and that’s a long time.  The road calls.

IMG_4799Of course, one of the first things we have to do is get GAS.  It’s nice that the prices have gone down. We paid $4.57 (equivalent) in Canada, so $2.28 is easier on the wallet.  Dan is getting so good planning our routes now that he found this gas station online and could see how big the bays were to pull in.  We filled the propane, then pulled around here for gas.  We never know how the highway exits will be, so it’s a relief to find a good stop.

IMG_4802We are definitely heading into the country, and it is beautiful!  This area is horse and cattle country, and we’ve seen tons running in the fields.  Reminds us of home.  I didn’t get a good shot of the trees, but we mostly drove with pine trees on either side of the highway. Who knew this far south that there would be pines? So cool.  And you can see the sand in this picture.  “They” say that Florida is built on sand and swamps, and now we do believe it.

Right after I took this picture, we came upon a huge car crash.  At least 12 vehicles that we could count, and an RV with its entire front missing.  We can’t tell what started it, but it was sad to see.  Luckily the highway is divided with a huge grassy area in between and guard rails on either side, or they would have come to our side.  We said a prayer for them and the many rescuers who were working, and then noted the odometer because we could tell the highway was backed up – 15 miles down the road and it was a still a parking lot.  People were out of their cars talking to each other, and others were backing up down the highway to the closest exit, or turning around and driving down the shoulder.  I’ve said before how bad Florida drivers are, and we have seen crashes almost every day living here.  So we are glad each time we go out and come back safely!

We pulled into the next RV park outside Ocala, and headed straight to the pool.  Which wasn’t heated! Argh!  Reality!  You get what you pay for and we definitely didn’t go upscale this week. We needed a place in between Naples and our next state campground, and there weren’t many RV parks that would take kids and pets – again we ran into the 2 restrictions.  So this one would take us, and it’s fine for the week.  Now we get to watch the Super Bowl – go Seahawks!!!