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Days 579- 581, 3 Island Crossing State Park, Idaho

IMG_2516The drive from Salt Lake City to one of our favorite state parks was a long one so we all move around the rig and change seats during the day.   Eliza and I are sitting (buckled) in the front passenger seat for one of our last times, so we took this selfie and then we just couldn’t believe who was lounging on the couch behind us!  Jessica isn’t supposed to be on the furniture!  But look how cute she is…

IMG_2528Taken from the Emigrant Museum, the Snake River is that green belt in the middle and the cut in the mountain in where the wagons came down the hill in the mid-1800’s.  This was the most dangerous river crossing of the whole Oregon Trail.  They had been travelling for over 4 1/2 months and the last two days of 30 miles were without water. They were happy to get to the river for their livestock to be watered, but then they had to get themselves and their belongings across.  Many emigrants didn’t know how to swim, of course, so there were many fatalaties.  The local Native Americans helped when the tensions weren’t high.

This is our 3rd time staying at this campground. The first time Dan and I stumbled upon it and we were just entranced by it’s beauty and quiet location. The museum is tiny, but chock-full of history and done in a manner that honors both the emigrants and the Native Americans; as in, it tells the truth, not the truth our history books taught us.  We stayed here in 2008, and wanted to come back so the kids could see it and learn the history of the area again.

The town of Glenn’s Ferry itself is cute and we were able to do our grocery shopping, but the real draw is the river, the huge green trees all over, and the peaceful setting.  We knew this part of our last week on the trip, so we cherished every minute.  Great meals, fun bike rides and non-stop games inside, outside, and by the fire.  It’s probably the laziest we’ve been the whole trip!