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Day 554 of Life on the Road as a Family, 4 Corners

IMG_0586New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah – all at once!  It’s the only place in the union where you can touch 4 states at once, so fun.  When we were here in 1998, we parked in the dirt and with a bunch of other dorky tourists, tried to find the 2″ marker.


Now it’s a full blown tourist trap, just like the Royal Gorge, but you must see it!  You drive down a long road, pay $5/head to the local tribe, and proceed to the parking lot.  Then you walk with dozens of other people to stand in line for your chance to get a picture.  I heard 6 other languages, 3 of which I don’t even know, so there was quite an international crowd.  After you finish getting your picture taken by a stranger on your phone, you can walk the perimeter of shops that are permanently there.  They sell everything from jewelry to local food.  We barely looked because I’d already bought my jewelry, and we had a long way to go to Page.  Plus, it was 95 degrees in the shade.  Time to get back in the rig, crank up the A/C and see more road!