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Day 373 On The Road, Sally Rides the 7 Mile Bridge

IMG_4229It’s Monday, and the kids have to go back to school. Here they are next to our “tree” with it’s inspirational quotes.  We can’t wait to have a real tree again next year  – to cut it down in our forest, decorate it with all our special ornaments, and watch “White Christmas” as usual.  We didn’t miss the commercial side of Christmas this year, we missed our traditions.  I tried to recreate many of them, but it wasn’t the same.  Anyway, they’ve had 5 days off, and they are still not caught up on their lovely online school, so back they go to the library with Dan.  They have worked so hard and I am so proud of them.

IMG_4241I am playing hooky again and doing a long (bike) ride.  Ever since we made the reservation to spend December in the Keys, I have wanted to ride across the 7 Mile Bridge.  I’ve had so many people tell me not to, but it’s firmly on my bucket list, and I am going to do it today.  This picture is at the beginning of the bridge.  I had ridden 11 miles from the RV park, but my legs were still fresh and the adrenaline was flowing.  I was so scared to be that close to speeding cars and trucks, with nowhere to go on the side except over into the water.  I tucked a flag in behind me, hoping that people would see it waving and notice me on my recumbent.  Turns out people really liked the flag and honked and waved and yelled the whole ride.

IMG_4242On the other side, I rested long enough to eat a PBJ and take a picture.  I had ridden it south in 23 minutes, but I knew it would take longer going back north.

IMG_4248I took this picture as I rode north.  Don’t worry, there was no traffic in my lane because construction before the bridge had them stopped.  That was nice because I was battling a head wind and it was 83 degrees and humid, so I was a little slow.  It took me 40 minutes to ride the 7 miles north.  A boat full of fisherman yelled “you’re crazy” as I rode by and I just laughed and waved. ( I’m crazy? They are standing around for hours!)  The traffic would rush by when they got released and I just kept looking at the water to enjoy it, then watch my mirror to see who was closest, then the road for all the accumulated garbage.  It was kind of gross. Anything you need from  a store you could probably find along the east side of the 7 Mile Bridge. Sad but true.

IMG_4252Yeehaw, I made it in one piece!!!!  I was so happy!!! And tired and hot.  I rode to the library to say hi to Dan and the kids, then back home the 11 miles.  The bike path was filled with iguanas sunning themselves, and I just kept yelling, “get out of my way” to wake them up and they would scurry off.  About 1/2 way home, I came upon a huge, black snake who filled the bike path from side to side.  I stopped way back, yelled at him, and he didn’t move an inch.  When this same thing happened to me in Fish Creek, WI  I was hysterical because the kids were on one side of the snake and I was on the other, but  this time I was just mad because I wanted to get home.  I stayed a good 30 feet back and after about 5 minutes, he curled into an S shape and went off the path.  I went by him FAST in case he changed his mind and wanted back on the bike path.

I made it the rest of the way safely, and quickly took a shower.  I was still so happy to have accomplished such a huge goal and thought about doing it again the next day.  Then I shook my head, laughed at myself,  and sat down to read.  Heavenly day, just heavenly.