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Day 371, Bahai Honda State Park, FL

Okay, how many times have I said, “this is my favorite day” on this trip?!  Well, this could be another contender.  We got up early and drove south about 30 miles to get to Bahai Honda State Park early.  Another RV’er was camped there and he said if we didn’t get there early, we might not be able to get in all day.  It is rated very highly and so many people we’ve met have told us to go there, so we did.

IMG_4217The tide was high, so the beach was only about 30 feet deep.  Dan and I walked it north, then came back to find the kids trying to beat the waves off their flattened castle.  This picture doesn’t show how hot it was!  Just perfect for swimming.  I had forgotten my goggles, but still swam for about 4 hours.  The waves came up later in the day, and I took the river tube way out and rode the waves in.  Totally embarrassed my teenagers, but hey, I don’t know anyone here, and I want to have fun!  By the time we left in the afternoon, this beach was packed body to body.  It’s  a beautiful beach and park and deserves all the excellent ratings it gets.

IMG_42194 of my favorite things – Nate, sun, shells and swimming. Do I have to leave?!  Aw, can’t I have another hour?!