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Life at home…

We’re home and happy!  I just started a new blog at sallysbendblog.com, so come on over if you want to hear about what it’s like to live in one place after 588 days of fun.  It’s hard.  It’s wonderful.  It’s the best thing for our teenagers.  Plus, we live in Bend, Oregon = paradise!

Day 588 of Life on the Road as a Family – Home!

IMG_2912We’re back!  We drove the RV 19,032 miles in 19 months, 10 days and 4 hours and made it home to Bend, Oregon without a single traffic accident – how lucky we are!  Nate drew our progress on this little, old map we used to refer to for school, and now I want to frame it.  We went to 42 states, some multiple times as we wound our way around the USA and NE Canada.  We also drove the tow vehicle another 13,000 miles.  Every mile was awesome and we’d do it all over in a heartbeat.

It’s almost an out of body experience to be home and have everything be the same, while we have been all over this incredible country of ours and have so much crammed in our brains.  Plus a few thousand pictures to remind us when we forget!  When Dan and I finished our trip in 1998, re-entry was tough.  There were so many places we still wanted to see and we weren’t sure what we were stopping for.  Now we’ve seen everything we had been dreaming of, and are ready to get the kids through high school and resume our friendships here.  Home is an excellent four letter word.

Day 497, Life on the Road as a Family, on my own

IMG_7398Dad & I took morning hikes along the Deschutes River outside Bend, Or.  It smelled so good and the water is so clean and clear – just heaven to spend time with him doing something we both love.  I grew up hiking behind Dad and Jeff, hearing the reply “it’s just around the next corner” every time I asked “how much further?”  This morning I didn’t ask; I could have hiked forever!

Day 493, Life on the Road on my own

IMG_7376My dear friend Laurie took me out to dinner at Chan’s to celebrate that I passed my real estate exams!  Both state and national!  So fun to get to catch up with someone who means so much to me.  We almost closed the place down, and no, we didn’t eat 1/2 of those huge dishes of food!

The proctors said they had never seen anyone so sick take the test, and they were very kind as I tried not to pass out as I worked online.  When I hit the button to find out if I passed, I paused and took a deep breath.  I had gone over everything 3 times, and had done the best I could do, but I NEVER wanted to take this test again, so I was praying that I passed.  I had guessed on 15/50 questions on the state test, and 18/80 on the national test, so I wasn’t feeling too confident.  The screen instantly flashed PASSED on both tests, and I sobbed.  Walking out to the proctors in the other room, they thought I was crying because I hadn’t passed, and then they printed out both test sheets.  I gasped when I saw that I had just passed the state one with a 75%, only to have one proctor direct me to my score in the next column- 50/50.  Whew.  On the national test I missed 5, but they couldn’t tell me which ones, so I am let loose in the real estate world not knowing what I think is right, but isn’t.   I am somewhat content to have passed, however.  Never again!

It’s a rotten test,  and I will work someday to get it to be representative of what you actually study to take the test, and what you will use as a broker. A little common sense would be nice for these real estate/financial field tests.  “Everyone” says it’s just a rite of passage to get to be a broker, but right/smight – don’t waste my time studying stuff unless you test me on it!  Very poorly written and left a bad taste in my mouth, which I will have to fix someday…