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Day 572 of Life on the Road as a Family, Bryce to Moab

As we’re ending our adventure, I’m thinking of everything I haven’t blogged about yet, and I now realize, I probably won’t get it all in here, darn!  It’s nice to have wifi again so I can get caught up, but we’re so busy exploring each day, I don’t have time to get it all from my journal to here.  Before I forget, however, I have to add how much Dan and I LOVE drive days with our huge front window!  That’s one of the reasons we bought this rig – so we could have the huge view.

IMG_1940We left Bryce about 7:45 a.m., which is a little late for us to hit the road when we have 274 miles to go.  Dan and I get up and he takes care of the rig while I do the dogs, and kids if they get up!  It’s always a good time for them to sleep in if we’re not stopping anywhere special on the way. They get out of their bunks when we put the slider in, and hop back in immediately and go back to sleep.

IMG_1947Here’s a sign we don’t enjoy seeing, but when you’re in the West, it’s inevitable.  Dan’s a conservative, careful driver, so we take signs like this seriously.  We stay in the right lane, slow down, and try not to get going so fast that we can’t control the weight of it.  We’ve had drivers pass us on the right and left.  Really?!  If you’re driving a car, give those truckers and Rv’s a little respect!

IMG_1993That isn’t our rig and tow, but this is our Rv park and I was so excited – this is where Dan and I stayed in 1998!  I loved this park because right behind the sign is a pool where I spent my days (110 degree heat that week), and where we’re going to spend a lot of time this week.  They’ve changed the name, so we didn’t realize it was the same park.  It’s in Moab itself, which has grown into a cute little town.  Can’t wait to explore it after a long day of driving!

Day 571 of Life on the Road as a Family, Bryce Canyon National Park

IMG_1865Woohoo, Nate’s feeling better, so we get to show him Bryce!  A stranger took this photo for us as we headed into the park.  It was already in the 80’s, but at this high altitude, it feels hotter.  Love it.

IMG_1887I took this picture at Bryce Point, as Dan was 1/2 mile back in the car, waiting to get into a parking space.  We didn’t take the shuttle in case Nate wasn’t feeling well again and needed to go back to the rig quickly, so we had the horror of bumper to bumper traffic.  After a few minutes, the kids and I got out and walked to this view point – gorgeous!  And I love this picture because Eliza hopped up a little to momentarily be taller than her younger brother!  We walked back to Dan who was still in traffic.  He didn’t mind that he missed the view because we had seen it before on our previous bus tour.

IMG_1905A view from Sunset Point.  I took over 40 pictures today of these views that just don’t quit. Again, I cannot wait to blow some of them up for our home!  We all trooped out to see it, then Dan and the kids went back to the rig, and I kept hiking to the Lodge.  Nate wasn’t feeling great, but I wanted to see the old Lodge before we left in the morning.  It was a nice, hot hike and the Lodge was quaint.  It’s hard not to compare it to Yellowstone or Yosemite. Same vintage, just not as big or outstanding.

IMG_1925  While the men relaxed, Eliza and I spent our evening playing games, and it’s our family tradition to keep track, so here’s the scoreboard… Eliza beat me 15 games to 2!  (A couple games I won are from another day.)  We’ve played games all over the country, inside the rig and out, in heat and in storms, with electricity and without.  We don’t always remember to write it down for posterity, and we sometimes write it on the game box itself.  It’s really cute to see when she was 4 and beating me even then!

Day 570 of Life on the Road as a Family, Bryce Canyon National Park

IMG_1772Here’s a pano of Bryce, as Eliza and I head out for a hike for the day!  It almost does justice to how vibrant the colors are and how wide and vast the area is.  We drove to the Fairyland trail head early, ready to hike down into the canyon and back out on an 8 mile loop.  Sounds simple, right?

IMG_1735The trail was easy to start with, and I followed Eliza as we headed down.  I took almost two dozen pictures before the canyon floor and just kept saying, “look at that” “did you see that hoodoo?  It looks like a …” and a continual, “wow.”  We were so happy to be hiking together.

IMG_1752The trail isn’t flat at the bottom like I remembered, but it was beautiful.  We’d learned that the sun, wind and erosion created all the spectacular hoodoo formations, but I think God must be smiling at His masterpiece, Bryce.  We met more people from all over the world here than any other place we’ve been to, including NYC and Boston.  People just want to see Bryce.  (And Zion and the Grand Canyon, it’s an easy loop.)  Bryce is set up well to handle international visitors, and our campground, Ruby’s Inn, had signs in 8 different languages.  I met people from Holland, China and other parts of Europe who have dreamed of coming here for years.  You can see why!

IMG_1753I love that this little flower is able to survive in the canyon and grows out of the rock.  We didn’t see any water in the canyon, but we did hike across the now dry washes that the storms have created when the water dumps in mass.  From the rim, the washes look like roads, but there are really areas that the water pushes through, and the sides can be 10 feet tall.

IMG_1773Here we are, back at the top after a long hike to the rim!  So happy to be here and so hot.  We passed tons of people going down into the canyon, some again without any water.  How can people hike in the heat without water?!  Even down to see a famous landmark was 1.7 miles and it was over 85 degrees on the rim, so was hotter on the canyon floor.  Please people, carry water!

IMG_1798We think this is the formation called The Great Wall.  As the guide said earlier, you’re supposed to use your imagination when you look at them, and come up with what you think they are.  Before, we were able to see the lion, horse and chicken in another area, but we never saw the Snoopy the guide pointed to.  It’s just like clouds, you say what you think they are.

IMG_1804The hike along the rim back to our car was 2.5 miles.  The newspaper described it as a stroll, but we beg to differ.  At this spot, it’s flat, but the first 1.3 miles were up, and the last 1.2 miles were at a 6-10% grade going down. That’s a stroll?!  My hip hurt going up and Eliza’s knees hurt going down, so we were quite the pair.  We just wanted it to be over.  For some reason, this hike just wasn’t fun.

IMG_1838Our last view of Fairyland – beyond beautiful.  We made it!

Day 569 of Life on the Road as a Family, Bryce Canyon National Park

IMG_1670Eliza and Dan and I took a 3 1/2 hour guided tour of Bryce Canyon National Park, while Nate stayed at the rig, sick, in his bunk.  We had made reservations the day before and could have cancelled, but he was happy to have us gone so he could sleep in a quiet atmosphere, and we were happy to be gone, away from his germs.  I think he picked up a virus on the shuttle bus in Zion.  There were people coughing and hacking every time we rode, and there was no way to get away from them.

So we took the tour and I enjoyed every minute. The guide definitely knew his facts about Bryce, and he shared interesting stories, in between corny jokes.  We were able to ride all the way out to Rainbow Point, which isn’t possible on the park’s normal shuttle system.

IMG_1675This is the view from our last stop, Fairyland.  The colors were breathtaking and we took more panoramic pictures here than anywhere previously on the whole trip.  I cannot wait to see them blown up for our walls at home.  Where we will be in 18 days.  18 days left of solid family time, then we are back to  two careers, a home without wheels, and our favorite city, Bend, Oregon.  But for now, we’re enjoying Bryce!