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Day 528 of Life on the Road as a Family

IMG_8212By far, the best part of our trip is getting to hug family and friends all over the country.  This is Susan, a childhood friend who lives 1 mile as the crow flies away from our current campground. She was kind enough to invite us all to dinner and I wanted to move in!  We’d had a wonderful hike in the morning and then this fun dinner in the evening – another perfect day on the road.

Day 526 of Life on the Road as a Family

IMG_8038Another beautiful drive day in Colorado. From Chatfield State Park to Cheyenne Mtn State Park outside Colorado Springs.  The kids slept in their bunks and Dan and I tried to figure out the names of the mountains as we drove.  Using an old atlas was better than our phones, but we’re still not sure what this mountain is called.

IMG_8083Here’s our campsite for the week!  On the top tier of the park, with a view toward Colorado Springs and the huge Army base.  We’ve got a 180 degree view of the valley, and it is gorgeous.  The wind isn’t bad now, but we can see how we will be at it’s mercy all week.  The view makes up for it.

Our arrival wasn’t pretty, however.  After the peaceful drive,  we checked in at the park office, only to be told we’d have to not only pay for camping, but for a daily pass for the RV also. (The RV doesn’t move when you get it set up, the car does…)   At the last Colorado state park, this was not the case, so I asked why and was soon surrounded by 3 park rangers who forgot how to be nice, and in fact, were trying to be intimidating.  “So you want me to call Chatfield and yell at them and get them all in trouble for not charging you correctly there?” said the ranger. ” Well, no,” I replied,” but shouldn’t it be the same all over Colorado? The check in girl didn’t understand the policy, why should I?” They blustered and glared and were very rude until I told the volunteer to charge my card, and allow me to leave this mess.  He was so apologetic and nice, but it just reminded me of all the times we’ve been treated rudely on this trip, and how I don’t want to spend even one minute with these unhappy, unhealthy people.  Life is too short!

We got set up at the site, took a short hike, had a great dinner, and enjoyed the view.  Another great day on the road.