Day 368, Grassy Key, FL

IMG_4141While doing my bible study near the water, this iguana swam out of the Gulf and crawled up the rocks onto the pier.  I just sat there aghast because if Eliza and I had known that the iguanas could swim, we wouldn’t have been kayaking right underneath them a few days earlier!  This guy had his swim, then worked his way down our pier to a stone table and sat on it with a friend – a smaller green guy.  Again, so neat to see , as long as they aren’t touching me!

IMG_4152We went to our favorite park, Curry Hammock, in the afternoon and I swam for a couple hours.  The water was warm, but I couldn’t get anyone else to come swim!  Wimps.  They just like our nice clean, warm pool better!


We rented kayaks at Curry Hammock State Park today to celebrate one year on the road!  We did it!  We made it!  We’re still talking to each other!  What a blast we’ve had.  I wouldn’t change one single thing.

IMG_5893This might be my favorite day of the trip so far.  We had so much fun!  Dan and Eliza rented a double, and Nate and I each had our own.  They were old and heavy and Nate easily carried them to the water for us.

IMG_5903We started off in a deep bay, then paddled through this mangrove tree trail.  There were little blue crabs crawling all over the trees and if they had fallen on Eliza or I, we were going to spirit ourselves out of the kayaks onto land.  This picture shows a wide spot in the trail, but other areas were more closed in and kind of spooky.

IMG_5935Eliza was using my old Iphone for the pictures, and she took some great ones.  I really like this one because it shows the bird and the water turning dark when the sun went behind a cloud.  it was still hot out, but the waves were starting to kick up more.  We were only a hundred yards off shore.

IMG_5951Having fun until Nate saw the 7 nurse sharks under the water.  We couldn’t get a good picture of them because they are dark brown and the water turned brown.  Eerie!

IMG_5943Nate and I raced to these posts, and he won by about 10 kayak lengths. This shot is after he won and I finally caught up and passed him to pretend that I won.  Someday he’ll forget he beat me and I can retell the story as if I won.  I won’t forget though – he beats me at everything now and then reminds me that I’m middle aged.  Grr.  Gotta love a teenager and a competitive mom.

IMG_5981After Dan and Eliza put their kayak back, Nate and I paddled down a side canal and found all these huge iguanas in the trees. That big huge orange guy hanging there on the left!  There were smaller ones that were green and they blended into the trees so well we really had to look.  I went back to get Dan and Eliza to come back out, but only Eliza was up for it, so she hopped into Nate’s kayak and went down the canal with me again.  She almost rammed her kayak into the mangrove trees a few times and we were squealing that the iguanas better not drop on us.  As we were paddling back, Eliza noticed 7 rays underneath us.  We had seen tons of fish, but this group of rays was magical and the perfect ending to our kayak trip.

IMG_4097Back at the rig, we rolled out  sugar cookies with a foil covered PAM spray bottle – Eliza’s idea because we didn’t bring the rolling pin – and then we cooked and frosted them.  I’m sure we had a nice dinner, but I didn’t put that in my journal!  Another perfect day on the road.