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Day 439 of Life on the Road as a Family, Destin, FL

IMG_5539Here’s an interior picture of the Destin library that we studied at for 2 weeks! Built in 2003, we were initially excited that the wifi might work and it would be a good work space, until we were at a table for 5 minutes and could hear every word that the librarians were saying all over the library. See that beautiful ceiling?  It echos their words.  The librarians sit just to my left.  On the right is the most beautiful children’s room that we’ve seen in a library yet.  With an ocean theme and hand painted quotes and pictures on the walls, it is the ideal room to have a children’s story time.  Unfortunately, the architect left the ceiling of the room open to where I am standing, so the kids voices and the librarian leading the story hour could be heard everywhere in the whole building!  It’s so crazy.  We’ve been in many libraries where this happens, but that beautiful ceiling makes this one the worst.  The other patrons would just get up and leave when it started, as they knew when story hour was scheduled.  We did the same the next week.  Gorgeous library, the wifi worked in some places, and we learned more about other patrons’ library antics than we ever wanted to!

Day 435 of Life on the Road as a Family, Destin, FL

IMG_5483Here’s the drizzle for today!  I didn’t even walk all the way out the boardwalk to the Gulf because it was so grey and I had the dogs with me.  Dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches in Florida, which is nice when they are packed with people and little kids, but sad when I would have been the only one there.  It’s a perfect day for a long walk, a long bike ride, and a long nap!