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Day 505, Life on the Road as a Family

IMG_7512Dan & Eliza & Nate in front of the Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado.  We moved campgrounds today, from Greeley to one up the Big Thompson Canyon outside Loveland.  The kids and I said we should never say it can’t get worse, because this one has NO cell service – and we’re here for 2 weeks!  After we got set up and I walked the dogs to wear them out, we hopped into the car for the 23 mile drive up the canyon to Estes Park.  We’ve all been here before, but the kids were really young, so we have to show them around again.

The Stanley sits on a hill overlooking the cute little town of Estes Park.  Built in 1907 by a man who had to come west for his health, it’s famous for all the celebrities that visit, the conventions and weddings they hold, and more importantly to this Stephen King fan, it’s the location where he wrote The Shining.  Dan and I stayed here years ago, pre-kids, and left the heat up in our room overnight, which led to bad dreams for both of us.  Checking out, we told the clerk and he said it wasn’t the heat – we had been in room 217, where King wrote the book!  So fun.  They were holding a beautiful Mother’s Day brunch, but I didn’t want to sit still that long.  View of the Rockies was covered with white wispy clouds, but none of my pictures look good, darn.  Will definitely be back here someday!