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Day 438 Life on the Road as a Family, Henderson Beach St Park, FL

Not that I wanted to go swimming anyway, but that red flag means the beach is closed!  I walked the dogs this morning, then IMG_5522came out here to see the water and take a short run.  Dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches in Florida, have I mentioned that?  It’s nice to not step around the piles, but sad when you just want to play with your dog and will pick up after them.  Anyway, the humidity was so high this morning, my jacket was wet before I even started running.  Yes, wearing a jacket because it’s windy!  It ended up being a GREAT run on the beach, just a heavenly way to start another day on the road.  Now off to study at the library we go…

Day 435 of Life on the Road as a Family, Destin, FL

IMG_5483Here’s the drizzle for today!  I didn’t even walk all the way out the boardwalk to the Gulf because it was so grey and I had the dogs with me.  Dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches in Florida, which is nice when they are packed with people and little kids, but sad when I would have been the only one there.  It’s a perfect day for a long walk, a long bike ride, and a long nap!

Day 433 Life on the Road as a Family, Henderson Beach State Park, FL

IMG_5443Friday’s sunset was worth the wait – just beautiful from start to finish.  We had a long week at the library, the kids and I studying hard and Dan answering every odd question we had.  It rained all week and was so cold we had to break out jeans and sweaters and coats.  I had to approach two strangers to proctor my unit exams, (the library here won’t do it) the first suggesting that I work in a local gentlemen’s club instead of getting my broker’s license and the second telling me how to educate my kids.  We put up with more Florida drivers and Eliza and I got hair cuts at a local salon.  (Worst hair cut EVER for me.)  I had yet another person ask, “why” when she found out what we were doing, and we consoled  dogs who had to be inside the rig most of the rainy days.

But you know what?  None of that matters to me.  I can “Shake It Off” as Taylor Swift says because I am happy and living my dream.  I feel sorry for people who are so unhappy in their own lives that they have to poison other people’s days, and I try to spend as little time as possible around them.  A friend said I need to wear a t-shirt that says, “Stay out of my way, I’m happy”, but I think many of us over 50 could wear the same shirt.

So I headed out to the beach tonight to take a short run and watch the sun go down over the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s not a spectator sport here like it was in the Keys or Peninsula, so I almost had the beach to myself.  It was so beautiful and the surf was pounding the beach hard, so I got wet as I ran along the edge.  Smiling the whole way.

Day 429 of Life on the Road as a Family, Henderson Beach State Park, FL

Here’s our site for 13 nights and here’s the weather that we’reIMG_5391supposed to get, ugh.  It’s freezing!  Grey, wet and 15 degrees below “normal” temperatures, so say the locals. We’ve heard that everywhere we’ve been on this adventure.  “Oh, no, we’ve never had snow here in April”, “First hurricane to hit our town”, “it’s never been this hot” and my favorite, “what did you expect?” We expect heat and sun!  I demand a refund, Governor Scott!