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Day 572 of Life on the Road as a Family, Bryce to Moab

As we’re ending our adventure, I’m thinking of everything I haven’t blogged about yet, and I now realize, I probably won’t get it all in here, darn!  It’s nice to have wifi again so I can get caught up, but we’re so busy exploring each day, I don’t have time to get it all from my journal to here.  Before I forget, however, I have to add how much Dan and I LOVE drive days with our huge front window!  That’s one of the reasons we bought this rig – so we could have the huge view.

IMG_1940We left Bryce about 7:45 a.m., which is a little late for us to hit the road when we have 274 miles to go.  Dan and I get up and he takes care of the rig while I do the dogs, and kids if they get up!  It’s always a good time for them to sleep in if we’re not stopping anywhere special on the way. They get out of their bunks when we put the slider in, and hop back in immediately and go back to sleep.

IMG_1947Here’s a sign we don’t enjoy seeing, but when you’re in the West, it’s inevitable.  Dan’s a conservative, careful driver, so we take signs like this seriously.  We stay in the right lane, slow down, and try not to get going so fast that we can’t control the weight of it.  We’ve had drivers pass us on the right and left.  Really?!  If you’re driving a car, give those truckers and Rv’s a little respect!

IMG_1993That isn’t our rig and tow, but this is our Rv park and I was so excited – this is where Dan and I stayed in 1998!  I loved this park because right behind the sign is a pool where I spent my days (110 degree heat that week), and where we’re going to spend a lot of time this week.  They’ve changed the name, so we didn’t realize it was the same park.  It’s in Moab itself, which has grown into a cute little town.  Can’t wait to explore it after a long day of driving!