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Day 444 of Life on the Road as a Family, Perdido Key, FL

IMG_5655I went to walk on the beach after “school” yesterday and look who greeted me just as I walked down the boardwalk to the sand!  He just strutted by, paused while I quickly took out my camera, and then turned around and walked back to the water.  I prefer to think that he was welcoming me to the beach…

IMG_5659Further down the beach, this guy was hanging out near the fisherman and was fully expecting treats to come his way.  A local told me that one day when she was fishing a heron came up to her with what looked like a broken wing, so she gave him a treat. Then he walked off with his wing just fine. She watched him go up to several other fishermen and do the same thing for a piece of fish or bait.  Smart guy!

IMG_5675Heading back down the beach to my car, I watched the sun set and this guy turned out to be my favorite.  No matter how close I got, he just watched me and posed for the dozen pictures I took. So funny!  Very nice to share my time on the beach with all of them.  The buildings at the end of the picture are hotels or condo’s – they extend way down the island and are huge.  It’s spring break right now so there are many people here vacationing, but I was lucky to get the beach almost to myself again.  Heaven!