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Day 530 of Life on the Road as a Family

IMG_8315This is the famous Royal Gorge bridge, picture taken from the tram that runs just south of it.  The whole area burned a few years ago in a nearby forest fire, and they are still replacing buildings and other attractions.  Owned by the local city/county, it’s now a full blown tourist trap that you have to pay $23 to enter.  We were here years earlier, and enjoyed the old tram over the canyon, and the experience of walking and driving back across the bridge.  This time we rode the new tram with 4 other silent people and contemplated taking the zip line back.  At $49/each, it’s a little much for a minute ride, but Dan and I were willing to do it if the kids wanted to.  We’ve looked at zip lines all over the country, and have yet to have found one that looks fun. This one did look fun, until the kids saw that every zip line passenger was even older than Dan and I!  They were from a tour bus and a few of them smiled as they came into the station, but no one was screaming or laughing or smiling during the ride. The kids concluded that the ride must not be that scary if they “really old” people could do it, so we saved $200, fine.

After watching a corny acrobat show and reading about all the fires, we took our time walking back across the bridge; private car traffic is no longer allowed.  State flags line the sides, so we looked for Oregon and Iowa, and Nate and I tried NOT to look through the cracks of the bridge to the canyon below.  Glad the wind was just moderate!IMG_8371Great day to be a tourist and a fun place to visit!